Panama Real Estate Is Wonderfully Diverse

happy couple lying on the grassPanama Is An Ideal Place To Retire.

Your options of where to live in Panama are surprisingly varied for such a small country.

There are the obvious choices, such as:

  • The Pacific Beach
  • The Caribbean Beach
  • The Mountains
  • The low-elevation areas in the interior of the country

Although, even those choices indicate how diverse your options are in Panama.

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How many countries in the world have coastline on both the Pacific and the Caribbean Oceans?

I’ll give you the answer:  only 4 countries touch both of those Oceans.
(If you can tell me the other 3, I’ll buy you a beer when you come down.)

In general, the higher the elevation the cooler and rainier it will be.  The lower the elevation the warmer and drier the climate will be.

Although, even within those 4 obvious choices above, there are many micro-climates.

Elevation Map of PanamaYou Can Most Likely Find A Your Dream Spot in One of These Towns

Chiriqui and Bocas Del Toro, are 2 of the most popular provinces in Panama.  

They also contain almost every one of Panama’s microclimates.

Since those 2 provinces are also very popular with both ex-pats and tourists, they offer more amenities than other parts of Panama.  Well, except Panama City.

Because of these reasons, most people concentrate their search for property in those two provinces.

It is why the vast majority of our Panama listings are in those 2 provinces as well.

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A great way to start your search for a Panama retirement home is to explore these wonderful, but very different, towns in those 2 provinces.

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Boquete is a beautiful mountain town. They grow great coffee there.  It is cooler and rainier – than most other places in Panama.

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Puerto Armuelles

Puerto Armuelles is the only true beach town in Panama.  The town is very unique with distinctive neighborhoods, many colorful wooden homes on stilts.  The town, including its downtown center is oriented towards the Pacific Ocean and its beaches.

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Bocas Del Toro

When you hear tourists and expats talking about Bocas Del Toro they are talking about the Bocas Del Toro Archipelago (or collection of islands).  Bocas Del Toro is also a province.  A rather rural and remote one for the most part.   That is, except for its islands.   The Caribbean island vibe is strong in there.    The small Bocas Town is its commercial center.

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